Guncan is well aware of the importance of safe, hygienic and high quality food packaging. For this purpose, it offers firm plastic packaging materials with a wide product range.
These materials protect your product, extend their shelf lives and ensure safety and hygiene. The firm plastic packaging materials of Guncan demonstrates a great performance under current shaping machinery.

The polyester plates designed as three layer A/B/A are appropriate for food contact.

The packaging produced out of PET provides an odor barrier for your food.

They can be easily processed in any shaping machine.

Their resistance and impact strength are of high quality.

PET packaging materials are the mostly preferred materials thanks to their high transparency, clarity and brightness.

This material is a great solution for the applications which require high transparency and hygiene such as water glasses, salad bowls, cheese containers, juice glasses and packaging of baked and dry products.

Anti-static PET plate offers excellent solutions where static electrification poses problems.

Anti-fogging PET plate solutions prevent evaporation and ensure that food products are kept in good condition on shelves by preserving light transmittance and transparency for a long time.

PET/PE firm packaging materials provide a barrier against oxygen, moisture and aroma for foods based on packaging requirement and shelf life.

Fast speed FFS (Form/Fill/Seal) machinery run with high performance.

Excellent thickness distribution consistency ensures impermeability for vacuum packaging.

It has minimum fogginess and is transparent.

It offer a great moisture barrier and provides the desired shelf life for foods.

It does not contain the drawbacks brought by traditional solvent lamination since it is processed with thermal lamination.

The upper film can be peeled off easily thanks to Peelable and Sealable options.

It complies with the upper film to a great extent owing to its adherence under low welding temperature.

PET/PE is subjected to global migration analysis as specified by Turkish Food Codex 2013/35.

The material meets food contact packaging material directives EU 10/2011 of the European Union.

PET/EVOH/PE firm packaging materials are reinforced with EVOH barrier property that extend shelf lives of foods and prevent oxygen contact which enable bacteria to multiply quickly.

It offers prominent solutions for the packaging of delicatessen such as sausages and salami.

It provides a moisture barrier and extends shelf life by preventing mold, ferment and bacteria formation for doner kebab, schnitzel, nugget and cheese containers.

It does not contain the drawbacks brought by traditional solvent lamination since it is processed with thermal lamination. The material does not pose a risk for illnesses since solvent vapor and volatile substances are not used.

PET/EVOH/PE is approved by Turkish Food Codex.

It achieved all heavy metal, phthalate and migration tests the latter of which performed on simulants as required by the directives.

Compared to other plastic materials, PET-G plates offer unique solutions for display and medical product packaging owing to their excellent transparency and brightness.

PET-G provides a great saving in processing costs thanks to its easy shapability and formability in shorter cycle times.

The material is resistant against ethylene oxide sterilization.

It can be cut easily with laser and guillotine and does not leave any burr.

Surface scratches can be eliminated easily using hot air guns.

The material is suitable for food contact.

CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephtalate) is used for convenience foods in particular. Owing to high crystalline structure, the dishes shaped out of CPET plates preserve their shape under high temperatures and, therefore, are suitable for the products to be heated in ovens and microwaves ovens.

The material is resistant to a range of temperature between -40 °C and 220 °C.

It prevents foods from going off thanks to its excellent oxygen, moisture, carbon dioxide and nitrogen barrier properties.

The thin APET layer of APET/CPET plates ensure perfect adherence where the upper film is consists of APET.

The product is available in black and beige colors.


Guncan offers PVC blister packaging material for medica l solid medical preparations and PET/PE as the packaging of solutions containing medicine as active substance.

Guncan provides solutions for the packaging of medical materials, display products, medical blister materials and many other packaging options.

PVC plates are great choices for tempering, die-cutting, welding, adhering and folding applications.

We offer sizing for any dimensions.

It provides a unique transparency and strength for the packaging of cylinder boxes, foldable boxes and of other display products.

We also offer sand finish application. This application will help you achieve the desired dull color and sandy appearance.

The surface properties are enriched for off-set and serigraphy applications.

PVC plate offers firm PVC plastic packaging solutions with excellent barrier property for pharmaceutic tablets, capsules and pastilles.

It provides great shapability, filling and closing properties under blister shaping machinery.

Perfect elasticity ensures that the packaging is impact resistant.

The material is widely preferred in medical industry owing to its transparency and clarity.


We offer solid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plates with excellent pressing adherence property thanks to its special surface developed for Off-set and Serigraphy.